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Continous of video presentation and is the last day of the class
Video presentation
Chapter 10
Small group

Small group stages
Opening >feed forward >business >feedback >closing

Small group format arrange themselves in 
The round table
Circular or semicircular 
Informal interaction 

The panel
Group members are expert
Informal interaction
A group of specialist who gives opinion

The symposium
Small conference
Member delivered a prepared presentation much like a public speech

The symposium-forum
A symposium with prepared speeches
Forum (Q&A)

Power in the small group
Legitimate power is by rules-there will be a leader
Referent power is by agreement when one person wishes to be like you
Reward power is by positive reinforcement
Coercive power is by negative reinforcement
Expert power is establish yourself as the expert in the context
Informative power is establish yourself as the person can communicate and inform the best

Types of small group
Idea-generation groups
Personal-growth groups
Problem-solving groups
Information-sharing groups

Chapter 11,12 and 13

7 roles to be played in the process of group building and maintenance roles:
Standard setter

A leader must be able to
Be ready
Activate the group agenda
Encourage group interaction ain't aim effective interaction 
Empower group members
Keepers on track
Ensure member satisfaction and welfare
Evaluate effectively
Manage conflict

Organizational communication is divided into 4 s
Rules and regulations
Division of labor
A system of reward and consequences
"Cultural" values and beliefs

Stages of conflict management
Define the conflict
Establish criteria
Identify the possible solutions
Evaluate solutions
Select the best solution
Test and execute solution 
No class on that day but we are having Group consultation one by one. Each group has to confronts the lecturer to tell out how is their progress about the video presentation 
traditional couples- shared values, beliefs, tolerance for one another
independent couples-setting stresses individuality as the main theme in the family
separate couples-family stay together for a common benefit

Family and communication
equality: equal term of respect, love and understanding with one another
balances split: one do work, one didn't(focus more on responsibility)
unbalanced split :mother work, father stay home
monopoly:one person is authority

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